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My Wealth Acquisitions

Selling your Financial Advisory Firm?

Are you considering selling your advisory business within the Wealth Management industry? Look no further than Wealth Acquisitions. Our team has a deep understanding of the market, and we work with leading firms in the UK and globally, giving you access to a range of options for your business sale. To take the first step in exploring how we can partner with you, please complete our initial confidential discussion form.

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My Wealth Acquisitions

About Us

We partner with leading Wealth Management Firms that are currently on the Acquisition trail and have unlimited funds to invest in Mergers and Acquisitions across the United Kingdom.


Book an Initial Call  

Looking to sell your Wealth Management Firm or Bank of Clients? Please complete the form.


We will discuss the sales price your are wishing to achieve and match you to our panel of Firms who are on the Acquisition trail.

Sell Your Firm

Our panel of buyers will review your valuation and make offers for you and your professional advisers to review.

My Wealth Acquisitions

Sellers and Buyers

My Wealth Acquisitions work with Financial Advisory firms that are on the acquisition trail and are proactively seeking to acquire Wealth Management firms and or client banks.

We currently partner with several market  leading Financial Advisory Firms who are looking to expand rapidly through acquisitions and are therefore keen to speak with Principals of Wealth Management companies throughout the UK.


If you are interested in selling your Wealth Management Firm please contact us today to discuss your options and we can start the process of engaging with our panel.

If you are a Wealth Management firm on the Acquisition trail please make an enquiry email

For a quick Acquisition or Merger we have the buyers ready to make the deals today!

My Wealth Acquisitions

Looking to sell your Wealth Management Business?

'' There is significant consolidation happening within the UK Wealth Management Sector and we are working with a panel of Market Leading Wealth Management firms that are currently on the Acquisition trail with unlimited funds to facilitate multiple deals ''

Matthew Porteus  -  Director, My Wealth Acquisitions 

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